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About Us

Assan Education boasts an extensive network of over 50 certified educators, catering to students of all grades and across various educational boards. We offer instruction for VIII under the Cambridge system or matric system, as well as IX, X, and O/A levels. Our educational services extend to BBA, Bsc, B.Com, MBA, Msc, MA, English language courses, SAT preparation, IELTS, and more. Additionally, we provide comprehensive ICT training and computer courses compatible with all educational systems, including Aga Khan board, Cambridge Board, Federal Board, Sindh Board, IGCSE, CBSE, British Curriculum, and numerous other educational boards. Our team of instructors is well-equipped to meet your educational needs.


Holy Quran

The responsibilities of modern life make it difficult for many Muslims to devote as much time as they would like to study the Quran. That’s why we offer so many different ways to learn the Quran online that can be adapted to the amount of time you have available, your area of interest, and the type of teacher you prefer. We offer a wide range of classes that can fit into even the busiest schedules, providing a haven of devotion to Quran.

English Language

Mastering English speaking and writing skills can be a breeze through Assan Education’s online English courses, designed to impart foundational English proficiency. Whether your aim is to enhance your employment prospects or pursue studies abroad, Assan Education can pave the way. Identifying your motivation for learning English will facilitate goal-setting. Perhaps your aspiration is to explore a nation with an English-speaking populace, making your language acquisition journey all the more purposeful.


IELTS Preparation Courses at Assan Education focus on teaching people how to speak English fluently without teaching them grammar rules. Our qualified IELTS tutors help you get high scores through flexible study hours. All our IELTS tutors are certified, teaching IELTS at Assan Education for long years. They teach students what is required to score well on the test.
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