Can I Teach Online Using Softwares Such As Zoom Or Skype?

Yes, absolutely!
The tuition engagements are mutually agreed between the tutor and the tutee.

We strongly recommend that you check with the parents/tutee and ensure that it is agreed upfront as a mode of teaching. It is both your and tutees responsibility to have an appropriate internet connection available to make this work.

Must I Register With Assan Education Tutors?

Yes, we require our users to register with us in order to use our services:
The process is extremely simple and pain-free: Simply enter your basic details into our registration form, confirm your email address and you are registered.

Registration also helps us to ensure that we can provide a seamless experience to tutors of staying in touch with each other through the course of communication through our platform. Plus it helps us keep track of all requests throughout the process in an automated manner as possible. Please rest assured that your details are completely safe and are not used for any other reason but to provide you tuition services.

What Does Assan Education Tutors Do?

We aim to find and connect the best tutors with as many students as they would like
All so while providing an excellent, professional service for students.

Register as a tutor with us to start getting new tuition opportunities.

What Information From Our Online Profile Is Shared Publicly? Or With Parent All your confidential details are secured at the PL platform!

None of your personal details such as address, CNIC, phone number or scripts of your qualifications are shared publicly or on your online profile. This information is, however, used by us to a) verify your details and b) be able to establish contact with you, should you be selected by a parent or PL team for a tuition job.

If you are shortlisted for a tuition job by either a parent or PL team and you accept the demo invitation, the parent's contact details will be shared with you, as well as parent/tutee is shared with your email and phone number. You then establish contact directly

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